What is Building Catalyst?

Building Catalyst’s cloud-based technology transforms the construction process – from project inception to completion. Even at the feasibility study phase, Catalyst will predict the program, design scope parameters, schedule, and construction costs. Owner’s will want to bring Catalyst professionals (typically constructors) onto the project team much earlier in the process, when the highest impact decisions are needed.

Catalyst provides rapid-scenario prototyping, benchmarking, set-based design analysis, assembly and component estimating, target value setting, and progress tracking. Catalyst documents and reports the performance specifications and quality standards. Catalyst provides a project center (hub) for all critical data and other information. Catalyst provides impartial measurement, which is fundamental to process improvement. Finally, Catalyst becomes your historical data resource.

CATALYST is autonomation for facility planning, design, estimating and construction. Autonomation, or “automation with a human touch”, combines machine automation with human interaction. CATALYST enables professionals to perform higher impact work in a fraction of the time and effort of that it takes with conventional tools and processes.

Some people will use CATALYST for conceptual estimating, only. Others will apply all ten innovations – achieving a fully integrated construction system.

This is all possible, for the first time, because of three inter-related concepts that are new to construction: (1) Deming systems-approach, (2) Function-driven management and analysis, and (3) big data analysis.

Contact us at either info@buildingcatalyst.com or info@performancebuilding.co to start the discussion.