Based in West Michigan, Building Catalyst LLC is owned by Bruce Carlson, Scott Jasperse and Performance Building Systems, Inc. Performance Building, the parent company, is owned by Mark Sands. 


Since the 1980’s Mark Sands has observed waste and lack of process improvement in the construction industry. The problem stems from multi-dimensional fragmentation of people and processes. This is due, at least in part, to fragmentation of information – especially information about the facility’s purpose and functions. Without a comprehensive system of measurement, process improvement has been limited. By studying what’s worked in other industries, Mark adopted “systems thinking” and “profound knowledge” principles pioneered by W. Edwards Deming. Deming drove quality, production and performance through management and measurement systems  and an appreciation for the production system and its workers. Mark came to learn that when construction submits to Deming’s principles, a new generation of high-performance and production improvement results.

Building Catalyst is designed to help building producers adopt what Deming refers to as “Profound Knowledge” – with its four parts: (1) Appreciation for the System, (2) Understanding of Variation, (3) Theory of Knowledge and (4) Psychology. Berrywood provides a description of Deming’s contribution to systems thinking and profound knowledge,  which inspired Building Catalyst.

Vision, Mission and Strategy

Our VISION is for commercial, institutional, governmental and industrial buildings to meet higher standards of production, performance, quality, durability, sustainability, and value. Our MISSION is to support the VISION by making the complex simple and measurable through excellent theory, technology and computer code. Our STRATEGY is to provide a low-cost, easy to learn system and process so that the vast majority of commercial building projects can be fully modeled, measured and managed from inception to the end of  useful life.