“If you need a machine and don’t buy it, then you will ultimately find that you have paid for it and don’t have it.”                    Henry Ford

Building Catalyst V1.0 is now available to integrate your planning, estimating and value analysis processes. Contact us at to learn more – or to get started, you can sign up here: SIGN UP

Historical Recording & Analysis Subscription (two month trial)

Under this trial subscription, you are learning how the systems approach works while gaining objective knowledge about buildings from a sampling of your own portfolio of  completed projects. Catalyst will record the first one or two approved projects based on selected drawings and actual cost documents (i.e. pay applications). Catalyst will also provide an analysis of these projects compared to the baseline data of other projects outside your organization. This is important to get you off to a good start in establishing your own historical and structured data using the systems approach.

You will also be able to use Catalyst on a free trial/pilot basis under this subscription.

After a sufficient sampling of completed projects have been recorded, you may wish to select between one of two paid subscriptions for use in modeling, estimating and managing  projects. The subscriptions include “Standard” and “Enterprise” as described below. Within either subscription there are one or more users. 

Standard Subscription

The standard subscription is most well suited for small companies that don’t need the Web Portal, Information Center, or Analysis capabilities. The following rates apply:

One time charge of $1,500 for start up benchmark development and training

A monthly charge per member (company, etc.) of $250 plus,

A monthly charge per users (individual) of $80 for full project owner/editor rights.

There is no charge for access users (to view and print reports and charts)…for up to two for every one paid user.

Enterprise Subscription

For members interested in the full  planning and analysis capability, plus web portal, and information center, the enterprise  subscription is best suited at the following rates:

One time charge of $3,500 to set up member web portal, start up benchmark development, calibration and training. Catalyst will record an additional three projects for enterprise subscribers.

A monthly charge per member (company, institution, agency, etc.) of $700. This includes two corporate user accounts. One for recording past project history, and one for use in training, testing, demonstrations, and pilots. 

 Plus, a monthly charge per users (individual) of $100 for full project owner/editor rights.

There is no charge for access users (to view and print reports and charts)…up to two for every one paid user.

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  • Access users have rights to view and print reports and charts – typically used by subscriber’s clients and partners, and upper management.
  • Standard subscriptions can upgrade to the enterprise subscription. Cost to be adjusted per above.
  • Special purpose sub-portals for market distinctions or member’s customers are available.  Standard Reports: $500 set up plus $200/mo per portal. Enterprise Reports, Info Center and Analysis: $1,000 set up plus $30o/mo per portal.
  • All subscriptions include email and webinar training support.
  • Not included in membership fees: Travel expenses, services to be provided by Performance Building or other approved consultants – such as on site training or support, project specific pre-construction services, assistance in modeling and analyzing projects,  BIM/estimating integration and other web services applications, etc.

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