Big Data Breakthrough in Construction

“Big Data is high volume, high velocity, high variety information assets that demand cost-effective, innovative forms of information processing for enhanced insight and decision making” – Gartner

CATALYST’s Big Data approach helps accomplish all of these far more effectively than conventional methods. Our series of Moneyball-themed articles provide important background to this transformation. The following six articles form a Big Data-for-construction curriculum:

Boldt’s Addiction to Real Science and Good Data

This article tells of the practical application of Big Data on complex healthcare facility types. The Boldt Company has applied a systems approach to preconstruction modeling and estimating for over a decade. As a result, they were ready for new forms of data processing to improve predictability and value in their facilities.

Freeing Construction from Industrial-era Thinking

This article applies systems theory and data science to the construction process. The principles of W. E. Deming to transform mid-century manufacturing are now available to construction, starting in the early planning and conceptual design stages.

The Problem with Dismissing Big Data

This article explains why construction hasn’t been able to apply big data analytics. Now, through the Deming systems approach, big data becomes possible and necessary for predictive modeling and process improvement. Catalyst enables its users to preform predictive modeling and other big data innovations.

A Big Data Breakthrough in Construction

This article demystifies big data applied to construction. It begins by reducing the hundreds of thousands of otherwise unmanageable data points to  a nucleus of a facility’s most critical data points (usually less than 200). This nucleus of critical data enables an integrated planning to production system forming a reliable basis for predicting, controlling and optimizing facility outcomes.

Big Data: It’s About the Power of Knowledge

This article presents the means to acquiring objective knowledge about construction – through  impartial, big-data analysis from outside the organization. This knowledge is vital to predictive modeling, decision making and process improvement. In effect, big data enables us to replace our subjective opinion-laden planning and decision-making approaches with powerful knowledge-based resources and processes.

Big Data Drives the Production System

McKinsey & Company recently published a report: Reinventing Construction Through A Productivity Revolution. In it McKinsey rightly claims that the biggest impact on productivity comes from thinking about construction as a production system. This article goes further than the report by advocating for a Comprehensive Production System that provides for the construction process what the Toyota Production System (TPS) brought to auto design and production.