Project Center

The Problem

Each project brings a new line up of customer, designer, builder, trade contractors, suppliers and manufacturers. People transfer from one project, division or organization to another. Valuable information is quickly lost or made stale. There is no consistent source or readily accessible critical data and other information – for either current or past projects. Complex construction projects – most in need of ready access to good information and communication resources – suffer the most from the lack of ready resource information.

A Solution

Building CATALYST solves this problem with a fully integrated construction system of structured data and other information.

As a CATALYST enterprise member, you are provided your own web portal and command center for completed and current projects. All critical data resides within your command center, and accessed through your portal. Likewise, each project has its own command or project center. Quickly access critical data and other information within your portal, and be a just a couple more clicks away from other more detailed data.

Figure 1 is one example of a web portal. Visit to experience the live version.

Screen Shot 2018-02-03 at 8.30.45 AM

Figure 1 – CATALYST Web Portal for Performance Building Systems

You have the option to display your projects on your portals landing page. To illustrate, we searched for “science” facilities and found these five projects. You can select “Visit Project”, and be brought to the its Project Center with one click. In Figure 2, we selected the Mesa Math and Natural Sciences building in the San Diego Community College system.

Screen Shot 2018-02-03 at 8.31.47 AM

Figure 2 – Link to Project Center from the Landing Page

From the Project Center, you quickly can access all critical, and detailed, data and other information. Figure 3 shows the first level of information access pages. The Info Center includes all non-structured data – Drawings, Photos, Reports and other documentation. It also provides ready links and references to other files and applications for access to detailed data. The Reports page takes you to a wide selection of CATALYST Reports, plus MS Excel Reports that can be downloaded and used for further analysis, or importing into custom templates. The Edit selection allows the project’s manager to input, edit or import information into the project.

Screen Shot 2018-02-03 at 7.23.42 AM

Figure 3 – Information Center Illustrations

To see examples CATALYST’s input/edit pages and reports, visit the User Guide.

From the very inception of a project need to final completion and close-out, Building CATALYST equips building teams with powerful, easy and elegantly displayed information. Once you have established a stable platform of well structured data and information, you become better equipped to move on to more advanced process innovations.