Resource Center

The Problem

Each project brings a new line up of customer, designer, builder, trade contractors, suppliers and manufacturers. People transfer from one project, division or organization to another. There is no consistent source or readily accessible critical data and other information on:

Current projects – Critical information is buried with the mass of supporting information

Past projects – Critical structured data (program, parameters and cost) is decoupled from its unstructured data (drawings, photos, etc.)

Essentially, today’s BIM and other information resources don’t provide reliable information for decision making.

A solution

A resource center of vital information useful for decision making and analysis, will:

 Serve as a truer BIM solution, according to the BuildingSMART Alliance definition, “A BIM is a shared knowledge resource for information about a facility forming an reliable basis for decisions  during its life-cycle*; from inception onward.

Be part of an integrated system that organizes data and other information around the facility’s purpose and key Functions.

Provide clear integration of quantitative (data) and qualitative (drawings, photos, and other documents) information

Provide information consistency and accessibility across all projects and participating organizations.

Catalyst’s enterprise subscription provides these capabilities1. Figure 1 diagrams the relationship between the  enterprise resource center and other Catalyst network components.

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 9.50.31 AM

Figure 1 – Catalyst Network

Catalyst members will have their own web portal (resource center) with custom messaging and imaging.  Figures 2a and 2b  are screen captures of a live web portal. Figure 2a is the top section with sign in and navigation into  Catalyst’s system. The live version of this is found at: Figure 2b is the directory and link to all projects that have been recorded or are being managed through Catalyst.


Figure 2a – Member Web Portal and Enterprise Center Illustration (top section)


Figure 2b – Member Web Portal and Enterprise Center Illustration (lower section)

Figure 3  are screen captures from the Information Center. The Information Center includes ready access to the most vital documents, drawings, photos, etc. It also links to other project and document management sources.


Figure 3 – Information Center Illustrations

 (1) The Catalyst System architecture has been created to accommodate energy modeling and life cycle analysis. This will be plugged in once real world energy and operating expenses from Catalyst members are made available.