Set-based Prototyping

The Problem

Owners often face major project decisions, and have lots of questions…but lack valid information from which to choose.  This is caused by a lack credible whole-building prototyping tools that can account for the complexity and variability of today’s building programs.

A Solution

Set-based Prototyping enables whole-building modeling and comparison of limitless composites of program, scope, building configurations, site selection, design concepts, performance standards, etc. It is fashioned after the set-based design process, which was instrumental in Toyota’s rise as the preeminent auto maker. Set-based prototyping also enhances the Lean practice of Choosing by Advantages (CBA). This video shows how Catalyst provides rapid prototyping and comparative analysis.

Figure 1 shows a composite of reports used in set-based prototyping in a hypothetical site selection process. The purpose is to optimize the facility outcomes – starting in the early planning stages and continuing throughout project design and development.


Figure 1 – Hypothetical Site Selections Images